Welcome to fitnessplusattitude.com  a website for people interested on improving their health no matter what time of year you are willing to start.  I will share some of my personal experiences in hopes that will guide you to the process of a healthy lifestyle.  If i can inspire people to start their journey to a healthier version of themselves, or getting them back on track, i believe is the best reward i can get on my site.

About 17 years ago i decide to change how i eat and how i will take care of my body.  As a beginner join a gym or trying to find the right meals can feel more complicated that it actually is, i want to help those that struggle like i did when i started on this journey.


When you decide to start specially in January because you make a new years resolution, but you can see the results fast enough, is when 90% decided to stop back in the middle of february , is OK is never late to get back on the horse. Trust the process.

During all these years, my goal of been always at the gym 6, or 7 odays a week has not stopped and at 43 years old is only getting stronger and more focus on my ultimate goal.  Stay in the best shape of my life all year round for a long long time .

The Beginner

The one  common thing i always come across when reading articles about fitness is the fact that some of the information is made to be more complicated and confusing for people to follow. To be honest is not that difficult, discipline and patience is one of the main reason everyone can succeed in life.

Once the decision is made that you want to change your lifestyle and put your mind to it, making realistic goals and focus on the main goal that should be for the long haul no just for the first 6 months.

We all have to remember that the so called “experts” have to go study or learn before they could teach anyone. In a sense they also were beginners at one point.

Working Out, Should Not Feel Like Work!!

Many times I have come across many people or co-workers even  family members that tell me, working out is boring and intimidating.  Specially when you have no idea where to start and what routine will work for you.  Is simple to lose  focus in your goal  if you don’t have a plan in place .

You will find some strategies and tips that i use on a daily basis to keep my focus in my goals , i want you to use them and make your own adjustments to fit your need and goals.

Make it fun and don’t overthink trust the process. As we move along you will find this articles very helpful and it won’t feel like is another chore. Do your research before you start because the more information you have the better the results will be.

Where Do I Start ?

This one is usually the first question we all asked ourselves, I remember my first time, I had no idea where to start so my first 2 weeks I was doing a full body work out just copy some exercises. I saw other guys at the gym doing and honestly, I knew I was doing something wrong.

After a couple of weeks I decide research by reading books and magazines , and using the internet like you are doing this very second .  I implemented a few exercises and broke them down per day, until I found my routine with “trial and error “. We have to understand our body first, some have allergies to certain foods, some just don’t like to eat fish, find what works for you.

Once you learn how to do an actual exercise properly , and target the right muscle , you will see the results and that will motivate you to keep doing this, is for a better healthier body , and mind.

Attitude ! is Key

I want this site to be fun for everyone ,ask questions, if you are a beginner or you are a season veteran.

My articles are base on  my experiences with trial and error , and information i have research over the years, the right way to eat, how to perform exercises, what techniques i use to change my workout routines, or how i go about when i take a vacation and not completely lose my gains. I want you to stay  motivated, give you ideas for work outs, and stay with the right  ATTITUDE,  what i want you to understand is that we need to create a solid base to start with “diets” and exercise programs.

Having an structure plan will help you reach your goals, be patience nothing has been built in a day to last a lifetime. Putting the time and also staying on schedule and believing on what we are doing will go a long long way to change our mindset. We live in a society that wants results today, but the truth specially with our body is that requires time and trial and error to find what works for every individual.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you. Let’s make this fun for everyone and help each other along the way

All the best,


fitnessplusattitude.com   Let’s make this the NEW ATTITUDE ERA in fitness.