30 Minute Home Workout Plan – No Equipment

Doing a 20 or 30 minute commute to the gym does not sound appealing to some people. Spending $20 to $30 a month on a membership is also not an option for others. The reality is that when we encounter any excuse to NOT work out we will just give up and not even try.

Some people just can’t find the time to make it to the gym, or it’s not even in their budget to afford it. Finding the place and time to actually do a workout is very simple and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just look around you. Everything you need to get fit is at your disposal, and that place is HOME.


How is that possible you ask? wait a minute, i need dumbbells, maybe a kettlebell, even some resistance bands perhaps. Your body weight is plenty to start with, especially if you are starting a weight loss program. No fancy equipment required. The will power and discipline with basic moves done in a circuit training program can help you reach your goals.


This 30 minute home workout plan will guide you on 6 simple moves in a circuit training program to kick start your weight loss goals. Check this article to learn new moves and supplement this circuit training.

Below you will find a simple variable workout routine to get you started. Feel free to leave comments about the article and if this routine was challenging enough for you.

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Push Up

The first and most basic move we all have done at any time during school is the push up. “Drop and give me 20” is still funny to hear in the movies or on any show on TV. This move targets the chest, arms, shoulders and back. Push ups can seem simple but many people don’t do it correctly.
To properly perform this move, place your hands on the floor (they should be placed shoulder width apart). Your body should be in a straight line and place the tip of your toes on the ground. Once in place, bring your chest close to the ground and then push your upper body up keeping your back straight throughout the process. 












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One Arm Bent Over Row

To perform this move you can use the back of a chair and a 1 gallon Jug. Place one of your hands on the back support and bend over keeping your feet shoulder width apart. You will be facing the floor and be sure to keep your back straight. Grab a 1 gallon jug in your other hand, bring your elbow upwards toward the ceiling and squeeze your tricep muscle at the top of the move.
This move will work your delts, forearm grip, back of your shoulder and the lats. One key point for the move to be effective is to keep your neck straight and keep your core activated at all times. Also, if you are new to any exercise move use something light like a 16 oz water bottle until you can add more resistance.











This move has to be part of every workout because it not only works your core, but also your legs, hips and glutes. You can do this exercise with a 1 gallon jug held with both hands pinning it against your chest, or a jug in each hand, but if you are new to any type of exercise just use your body weight. Squats are ideal to improve balance and coordination.

The best way to perform this move is standing with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, extend your arms parallel to the floor and slowly bring your glutes down while keeping your back with a slight arch and chest out, go as far down as possible and when you are at the bottom of the move explode up pushing with your heels, until you are back to your starting point.















Biceps Curls To Shoulder Press

Performing this move can be done sitting in a chair or standing up. Start by grabbing a water bottle in each hand, place them on the outside of your hips extending your arms down with your palms facing out. Begin the move by flexing the elbows into a curl move and at the top extend the bottles above your head. Return to starting point.













Sofa Triceps Dip

We need to hit all the muscles and we can’t go without doing some triceps. The best move to do at home is the dip and to make it effective you can use a hard surface like steps or a chair against the wall by using the seating area.

Perform the dip by facing away from the chair and place your hands at the edge of the chair or surface you will use.(You will have a little bend in your elbows, just be sure to stay far enough away to clear the edge of the chair.) Once you are ready, slowly dip down enough to reach a 90 degree angle with your hips, then push up using your triceps to get back to the starting position. 










Ab crunches

Having a strong core is very important because it will help you with performing the rest of the moves. Most of the time people completely neglect the abs. Exercise programs have to use at least one ab exercise and this 30 minute home workout plan will use the most basic one.

Lay on your back placing both hands behind your head. You can place your feet flat on the ground , or to help you with the move place your feet under a couch for stability. Then raise your upper body keeping your neck locked in position.


Engage the abs or the area called rectus abdominis mostly known as the six-pack area and at the top of the move pause for a second and slowly go back to the starting position laying on your back.










The Program

Every move that has been explained above can be performed on the 2 menus below one after the other with no rest in between moves I would suggest using a 30 second baseline for those that have never workout. Every person that start to work out for the first time might not be able to reach the 30-second mark before feeling fatigue, PLEASE don’t get discouraged or completely stop exercising. We are setting a baseline and will work our way up to being able to reach the target time.

Take your time learning every move before you actually start doing the circuit. Start with timing every move by keeping a journal to see your progress. Build your stamina and keep adding 10 seconds increments until you reach a full minute per move.


Check out some of my other articles for different moves and exercises once you have conquered this program.

Before you start, stretch for 2 minutes. Use your phone timer and keep a log to check your progress.


Buffet #1 – Perform every move for 30 seconds with no rest in between moves. Complete the first round, rest 1 minute and  then start the circuit again.

  1. Push Ups


  2. One Arm Bent Over Row


  3. Squats


  4. Triceps Dips


  5. Biceps Curls to Shoulder Press


  6. Abs Crunches


Adding it all up

                         2 minutes of stretching

                     + 3 minutes circuit + 1 minute rest = 4 minutes done 7 times = 28 minutes

                       30 minute workout

Buffet #2 Perform every move for a full minute as showed above.

Adding it all up

  1. 2 minutes to stretch
  2. 6 minutes circuit + 1 minute rest = 7 minutes done 4 times = 28 minutes




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