Best Way To Lose 10 Pounds Fast – In A Month Or Less


Losing weight is a topic that confuse people the most. Read along for the best way to lose 10 pounds fast. Now you can ask should I stop eating for 2 days? Or should I just eat salads the rest of my life? Better yet, I will stop eating at 7 pm every day and skip breakfast for the next 2 weeks. Many take the option to take pills that promise to burn the fat with no effort and no exercise need it.

In this article I will guide you on the best way to lose 10 pounds fast. Follow this tips and you will reach success 10 pounds at time. I want to bring you good information, but also will like to hear your comments about the value you are getting from this articles. If you want to start with a good baseline check this program that will take you 21 days, from fasting to eating good quality protein to 20 minutes exercise program.   CLICK HERE   to find out more 


Usually the first thing everyone concentrate on when starting some kind of weight loss program, is how many calories I need to burn in order to lose 10 pounds. And at the beginning is all great and you have everything plan from start to finish .

But it requires a lot of ” discipline” to follow any program step by step . Preparing meals on a daily basis, making sure you eat mostly clean protein meats and vegetables. Also, doing some kind of exercise program that will help you reach the calorie deficit you need to start melting those unwanted pounds. You can check this easy to follow workout that you can do at home in 30 minutes no equipment need it

Meal Planning

The best way to lose 10 pounds fast start in the kitchen. Your body needs fuel to function, you will need a smart meal plan. Avoid the junk food for most of your meals. But I will recommend you not to totally stop eating foods that you crave.Junk Food

And the reason is, That after 2 weeks your favorite junk food will show up in a commercial or if you go out. You will say OK I have not had any of this in 2 weeks and this becomes the “cheat day” it can hurt your gains to that point.

When you make your list of groceries and have the meal plan for the next 2 weeks, make sure in those meals you add the kind of food that you know it will be difficult to part ways with it. But don’t over do it which is what brings me to the next point.

Portion Control

Is very important that you follow this every day. Specially when you are setting up your meals to take to work place them on plastic containers with the amount you know will be enough to satisfied you. portion

We all know that  life happens and somehow we forget the basics of how to maintain our target weight once we reach it. Portions start to get a bit bigger until we are actually eating more than what we need to. If you want the best way to lose 10 pounds fast, this strategy is very important to keep in mind.

The portions may vary from person to person, we are all different.  Someone that is 5’3 can feel satisfied with half a cup of rice and one slice of thin chicken breast, but someone that is 6’2 and 190  pounds might need a full cup and a couple slices to feel satisfied.

Trial and error will help you find the exact amounts as you keep your calories in check, yet you are still losing weight along the way. For an example on a full day of meals check my  article to on a day of meals.


Stay away from the scale

The scale can be the downfall from reaching your goals. Everyone starts a program and 2 days later jump to see how much weight has been  lost. When that number is still the same, people start second guessing their decision. From personal experience I can tell you that about 2 months ago at 5’3 and over 164 pounds I felt like I was not at my target weight.scale

I decide to cut my portions a bit more and decide to add less resistance to my exercises, but add more repetitions. On the day we had company and hamburgers were on the menu,  I only ate 1 hamburguer with 2 tablespoons of macaroni salad and 1 scoop of potato salad.  A small square of cake for dessert .

I kept a close eye on my portions  for the next 3 weeks and with my workout routine i add more intensity to circuit training, when  it  wastime to check my weight i was  down to 150 pounds. The point is to have the will power to stay on schedule.


Our body composition says that we are 50 to 60 % water. Hydration is key for weight loss, if you drink sodas or juices high on sugar you are slowing your metabolism even if you are exercising or eating right. You don’t have to carry a gallon of water like everyone does at the gym and drink it all in one day.

On every opportunity that you feel the need to have a beverage, change the afternoon frappuccino for a cold bottle of water, you body will thank you .

Listen to your body

The fitness gurus tells you we need to eat at least 5 meals a day. Personally I believe is 3 good meals, breakfast-lunch-dinner. And snack in between with dried fruits or some type of nuts. If you don’t implement fruit into your meals, make it part of your snack in between meals.

Supplements are very popular too, protein powders or protein bars. Your body will have a period of a week to adjust to the times you eat and if your meal portions are just want you need, you will start to feel hungry at the right time every day. From that point it all will be just a simple routine. The choice will be what food would you want.


This is one of the things I personally don’t agree with. If we think this on the logical way, the last meal of the day will be around 8pm for most people. If you have a snack like a slow digestive carbohydrate, in my case cottage cheese my next full meal won’t be until 8 pm the next morning .sleep

That is actually 12 full hours that the body is not getting any nutrients from a real meal. When we go to sleep the body is still working, and studies have show that is when the body recovers  from the intense day . Adding another period of fasting in my opinion will do more harm than good to your digestive system.

Having a good night sleep is key for muscle recovery and you are fasting at the same time. No need to over do it.


In Conclusion

The best way to lose 10 pounds fast can be done, but it won’t happen overnight or in a week. Rome was not built in a day, losing weight requires discipline. And that to me is the key to unlock the fitness lifestyle you choose. If you want to use shortcuts and following crazy diets, chances are that you will stop doing it and will be back to square 1 and more disappointed because you didn’t see any progress.

If you follow the tips above and eat as clean as possible and limit you intake of sugars and saturated fats found in junk food, but you implement those foods in your meal plan and controlling those portions. You will see the changes on your body that you expect and even get a pleasant surprise the next time you jump in the scale.

Be an inspiration to others with your example the next time you go out and eat your portions taking the rest home for the next meal in a couple of days. This is the ATTITUDE ERA of fitness. Go reach your goals. I hope that you find value on this article. 






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