Do Fad Diets Work? – What Is The Best Option

Everyone comes to the internet for answers about losing weight, most searchers are base on the fad diets and the reasons why they work or why they don’t work. The question is do fad diets work? as you read along this article you will find that there are DIETS and LIFESTYLE changes that are been confuse with been on a diet.

Do Fad Diets Work? - What Is The Best Option
Fad diets

The market gets flown with a lot of new ones that will tell you that you don’t need any type of exercise regime. The promise is that you will lose weight quickly. What everyone wants to know is would they help you for the foreseeable future? if you find this article helpfull comment on it and join our mailing list for more articles or even some promotions even discounts on purchase of supplements.

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What is a Fad diet?

A fad diet is the one diet that promise people to lose weight quickly, some will promise that you don’t have to exercise, others restrict certain kinds of foods from the list such as sugars or carbs. The best way to make this fad diets popular is by using some kind of celebrity to promote their products.

Usually this targets mostly people that want quick results. We live in a society that the faster the results the better the product is considered. Logically this fad diets will become popular as they see the results on the commercials of regular people that try them and claim that works. Using before and after pictures to show how much weight they lost.


5 Fad diets

One of the top diets on the market is the Atkins diet, created by DR. Atkins and is a low carb base diet. Another one that seems very popular is the keto diet this also has the concept of using very little carbs and adding more fats so you body gets use to them as a form or energy.


The south beach diet this one works in a way that you actually get all your meal pre packed and deliver to your door. It makes sure you get all the right foods and you can eat 5 to 6 smalls meals a day, including some snacks.

This concept of preparing the meals for you becomes popular mostly because some people don’t really want to take the time to make a very balance grocery list and prepare meals in advance.

The vegan diet requires you to leave dairy and any type of meat off your meals. This has become a movement and is actually a lifestyle if you decide to follow it. And is base on all plant base food, fruits, legumes, seeds and nuts.

The vegetarian diet is actually not the same as the one before, usually i seem to offend someone when i mention that vegetarian and vegan are actually the same thing :-). To clarified then i will say that since a family member is actually a VEGETARIAN this particular diet requires you to not eat meat. You can eat dairy products.


Do they work?

Doing some research on this matter, this fad diets actually work and gives you fast results for as long as you keep buying their products. The vegan and vegetarian diets are actually a lifestyle change and talking to people that follow them the feel very passionate about it.

They believe in what they are actually putting on their bodies and makes it easy to stay for the long term. The way i see it is that you join all this programs and you see the results you expected, what would you do after?

This programs cost money, and if you want to stay with them to keep off the weight you just lost it will cost you a fortune. The problem is that you have no guide about what worked. Back to square one.

The other problem with this fad diets to me is the fact they are not made to help anyone for the long term. People will buy them and see the results once the target weight is reach, people stop buying the product since is expensive, now the problem with that is you go back to the old habits thinking, one bag of chips here or the french fries later won’t hurt because the diet let you eat this foods. What you didn’t pay attention was how the portions were done according to you and you will gain all the weight back and even faster. Ask someone that has try every diet under the sun.


Honestly and what i preach on this site is a lifestyle change, to most people i talk to they spend about 1 year the most on this fad diets and lose weight but they usually stop and within 2 months they gain half the weight back losing all interest on even trying again. The main thing about fad diets is the fact that everything is prepared for you but where is the method you can learn to keep up with it after you are done buying them?

What you should do to lose weight?

When you read articles on the internet from people that have lost weight and have kept it off for a long time, the main reason found is a change of eating habits, planning meals, exercising and doing a list of small goals that will take them to the main goal LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!!!

Everyone looking for the answer to this dilemma often feel confuse by the fact when reading or following certain programs they ask you to monitor your carbohydrate intake or how many calories you burn in day or keep you micros on check. The best way to reach the goal of losing weight is very simple and is something i preach on my blogs and it works because i follow them and they work LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

You will succeed

To keep this simple for everyone there is one word that is you commit to it every day will make you believe you can achieve your goals. The word is discipline, make today the day you change your eating habits and you will start with the grocery list.

Fruits should be part of your list, the leanest cuts of meat, fish and veggies. Sounds boring? of course, it does but what always tell everyone i talk to is to control the portions of what you eat. I recently went on a week vacation and i try to hit the local gym for a couple of days since i have a membership that allows me to use any gym located in USA.

I had ice cream but i had the small cone, i only had a very small portion of cake, when we decide to eat out i only ate half of my meal took the rest back to the place we stayed at and had it the next day as a dinner.

As you can notice i kept my discipline and when we got back i jump in the scale and i had the same amount of weight as before we left. Just eat the foods you like otherwise you will not stick to any diet LONG TERM but control the portions. Make sure you do a list of small realistic goals to reach 5 to 10 pounds every 3 weeks. But the long term is to keep off the weight off .

But the most important thing is that you need support from your family, the way to help yourself is by helping others that struggle with the same concepts you do. Form a group that will throw ideas at each other about preparing meals for the week and make them in advance. You can become an inspiration to others and when they ask you it will be a very simple answer, it was a lifestyle change and you prepare your meals with portion control.

You can try those FADS DIETS they will only get you so far. Just to be the one that will change your eating habits and commit for the LONG RUN. Use the right attitude and you will reach your goals one pound at time is what i do here at fitness plus attitude. Reach me for any questions you might have I’m here to help!







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