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Use this next free fitness tips for women to reach your goals and hope you can find valuable information. I want you to stay focused on what is the ultimate reason to make a choice, the choice to live a healthy lifestyle. I believe most times everyone just worries about how many pounds i lost, or how many inches of my waist are gone. More often than not the big picture is missing as to why we try to live a life of exercise and better eating habits.

Get to know you body

I will encourage you to visit your primary care physician, why ? you may ask, find out if you have a high or slow metabolism. It will be a lot easier to get a good meal plan and exercise routine that will help you reach your goals. If you know more about yourself and listen to your body, been discouraged from not seeing progress will be less likely to happen.

The big picture

Fitness is a lifestyle change. i know everyone goes in thinking about losing weight and get that bikini body, but what you should be focusing more is what is the big picture. And that is when you have reach the weight loss you decide to reach as you main goal, you stay around the same and not gain it all back because you start slacking thinking you don’t need to exercise even if you are still on the same diet.

Diets don’t work

I have been around enough people to see that been on a”diet” is the hardest thing they do, keep eating the same meals over and over gets tedious or cravings start to come. In a week of vacation i hear and read on fitness groups that the progress is stalling because they add pounds right away. The belief is that you have been dieting from the beginning that once you go on vacation and you can eat everything you are put on front of you.

I will recommend that you start a fair meal plan for month, add some of your favorites foods in some of your meals. How this is going to help me? remember the cravings?, they will be gone since you are having ice cream or pizza at least once every 2 weeks. We all have those foods we want but we decide not to eat because they are bad for us.

The portion option

As i mention before is hard for anyone to stick to a diet long term and they are more likely to never stay with it more than 7 months, is boring and when you go out and you see what other people are eating you get discourage because you can’t have those meals. The way i have dealt with this issue over the past 3 years after reading countless of articles and talking to people is that portions are a great option.

I love fried chicken from the Chinese restaurant and pork fried rice, when i order it i have a plate that is just enough to give me a great portion for dinner or lunch and have it at least once a month. Ice cream is another one and 1 scoop or getting the small one is good enough.

The week ahead

When you do your grocery shopping list look at the week ahead and decide what type of meals you will prepare for the week. You might want salads for lunch with some steak strips on it, and fish or chicken with vegetables and some type of carbohydrates for dinner. Fruits for snacks and you might say that one of you lunches will be something you really like and the portion can be fit on 2 days either at the beginning and middle of the week.

The choice is always going to be yours, and if you are making smart choices you will see your goals become more easy to reach. You are not craving certain foods you like and you are keeping your portions very optimal.

Eating to be satisfied

When you start to make a meal plan for the week many people will tell you 5 to 6 meals a day is the perfect plan. Don’t confuse this with eating 6 full meals. Your post- workout protein shake counts as a meal. Also, your snack counts as a meal.

A portion to be satisfied should keep you at least 3 to 2 .5 hours until your next meal. At the beginning you will have to cut back on what you been eating to this point, and will be some trial and error. But if you are eating clean protein meats you will be able to figure this out.


When you join the gym for the first time or you go back after a long break, your muscle will be sore. You have not put the stress on them and this is normal. You want to give them enough rest between workouts. At the beginning of it work a body part per day.

Once you are more comfortable with the gym equipment you can implement different variations and splits. Check my article on home exercises for women 

Mind and body connection

This is something not many people talk about. When you are working a specific body part, you should be focused on the exercise move and the muscle, you will feel the burn. It is very important to know what muscle is been engaged on the specific move you are performing at the gym.

Clear your mind and make the mind muscle connection and your gains will be more clear to you when you feel sore.


This specific topic is not easy to tackle for many. Everyone starts hard and is non-stop, after a couple months the original goals are not reach and the motivation stops. You see other members at the gym reaching their goals while you are still stuck.

The started just like you , they probably have gone to the trials and errors you are experiencing right now. Don’t afraid to pick someones mind, you might learn a new trick that might trigger your gains. But don’t forget that you have to put the work too.

If you have a friend that needs motivation, picking a partner is always a good thing so both can keep reminding each other why are you doing this and what is the ultimate goal.

Set small goals

Once you have a number in your head for pounds you want to lose, the best thing to do is to set small goals to reach that ultimate number. In all honesty how you lose motivation? you want to lose 20 pounds in 3 months, that is not realistic.

Your goal can be achieved but if you start with small goals like 5 to 10 pounds in 3 months it will be easier, you won’t feel the pressure or stress to reach that number and half-way you only have lost 5 pounds. You will feel the need to starve and go into this crazy fasting diets.

That will make you more harm than good. Your body needs fuel to function and if you have done your homework, getting to know yourself and making smart choices with your meals. The number will be easily reach.

80% to 20%

This is the way weight loss is broken down. 80% is meal planning, putting the right foods in your system adding to some that you crave makes for smart choices and if you have portion control you will enjoy this journey.

20% is working out because you need to burn some calories you consume, the idea is to eat fewer calories than the ones you will burn at the gym.

Muscle gain

As you are losing weight at one you will reach the point where you muscle will get tighter. You will not see the scale move and you will freak out. This step is when your muscles are getting fuller and give you the look you are looking for, but you think you are not doing something right. One way to see you are on the right track is see the inches you are still losing on other areas of your body.



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