Free Weight Loss Diet Plan- A Week Of Meals

In this article i will be giving you my actual meal plan for a day. I basically mix and match  meals during the week,  and you can add other meals and not necessarily just use my examples. I understand not everyone likes the same type of foods, but remember the CHOICE is yours, I cannot stress that enough.  Take this free weight loss diet plan and make your own changes to it.

The success of your diet plan depends on how you approach it from the start. Always remember the reason why you made the decision to  live a healthier lifesyle.

Calorie count .

A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Calories in food provide energy in the form of heat so that our bodies can function. As i said on my last post calories are counted in our food  and  FOOD = FUEL .

Everyone goes crazy on counting calories and micro-managing them, blah blah blah. I have never done that, nor do I feel the need to do it. What you really have to do is get to know your body. Listen to it because it is one thing not many people do . For example, if you have breakfast and drink your fluids and an hour and half later you are very hungry , your first meal was not sufficient. Your meal should ideally be able to keep you satisfied for around 3 hours .

Depending on your schedule you may need to add a snack in between your meals if they are to far apart. The main idea is to eat something every 3 hours . You have breakfast , lunch , dinner or supper depending on your day, but what to do in between? I will tell you what I do and you can adjust .

Work Schedule.

My work schedule is 7am to 3pm. My break time for breakfast is around 9am and lunch is around 12pm.  Because my first break isn’t until 9am, I need to eat something before i head to work, and then again before I go to the gym around 3:30 pm. This is my  monday through friday schedule .

If you work a 9 to 5 job, going early to the gym would be a good option.  Not everyone has the same freedoms if you have kids and other projects you have to take care of,  but if you are committed to this you can make it work. My favorite saying is “no excuses”, and believe me, i use to find them all the time until i said enough of this i need to make changes.

My daily meal plan

5:45 am Before heading to work

1 Cup of yogurt  – banana or any piece of fruit – coffee or a cup of juice – you could add a piece of toast .

9:00 am Breakfast

4- Egg white omelet or 3- whole eggs with ham, sausage, or 2 pieces of bacon (your choice)- 1 cup of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.



The weekend breakfast

12 pm lunch 

1- piece of thin chicken breast / pork chop / steak  with veggies and rice – water, Gatorade, or any low/no calorie drink of your choosing .

3:00 pm half hour before going to the gym a protein bar with my pre-work out drink 

3:30 pm to 4:30 my work out routine 

5:00 pm post work out protein shake 

Protein shake with fruit

7:30 pm is a salad adding some shredded cheese – bacon bits – and some meat slice – water . As for dressing, you can choose whichever kind as long as it is used in moderation.

Salad time

10 pm before going to bed 1 cup of cottage cheese with a spoon of jelly or a fruit of your choosing . 

As you can see i try to keep it simple. I don’t count my calories and i always feel satisfied.  Some of the times are not exactly 3 hours in between, but it helps me stay within my range. My body tells me when it is in need of the next meal and usually falls around the times I mentioned above . 

Preparing the meals .

The fact is everyone has busy lives.  Preparing meals in advance is the approach i have found that works for me. Sunday night I prepare my meats for the week, and having those vegetables that can go in the microwave for 5 minutes is a plus . Placing precooked meat into freezer bags and freezing them is not a bad idea either.

The Gotham indoor grill


  1. Chicken is my go to most days and I like the thin slice breasts.
  2. Fish and there are plenty of options, Cod – Tilapia – Salmon  – Mahi  Mahi
  3. Steak is a great source of protein. Steak is steak so whichever cut you prefer.
  4. Pork chops .
  5. Ground beef, and i like to use the 80% lean.
  6. Ground chicken/turkey. These can also be made into Taco meat!


  1. Oatmeal
  2. Rice
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Beans
  5. Whole grain cereal ( I have this on the weekends)
  6. Pasta
  7. Bread but use sparingly
  8. fruit .

As you can see there are plenty of options to make your daily meals more fun, and not just eat the same thing over and over.  You will get bored quick and that makes sticking to your plan more difficult . If you follow a good structure on your meals everyday , having a meal plan will be a lot easier than what you think .

If you have a grill fire it up and do your meats all at once. During the winter months, depending on your location,  this can be a challenge. In the north east, winters can make it difficult to grill all year round, but i will put a link in the bottom as to what I use to cook all my meals with that grilled flavor.

Cheat or not to Cheat

If you only eat the sample meals I gave you,  honestly you will be bored with it after a while. Even if you have different meats everyday it can become tedious. Cheat meals aren’t an absolute no no, just make sure you don’t over indulge . We are always told about “good foods” and “bad foods”, but anything  in excess is never good .

If ice cream is your thing, then have the ice cream, but instead of doing the “DOUBLE SCOOP ” have just one. If you want french fries, get the small size. Who doesn’t want pizza now and then, have the pizza, but have 2 slices instead of the 4 or 5 you might be able to.  You get the idea.

To complement a good diet check my workout a home with no equipment.   As always i hope y ou find some good information on this article, for more up to date information and special discounts join our mailing list.




  1. Wow, I love the idea of precooking the meat for a week and then freezing it. Makes it so easy then to just take out what I need. It does seem like a lot of food that you are eating, but I suppose it is all healthy and with too much fat, right? I do like all of the choices, the only thing that is a bit much is the breakfast. We would not have to eat everything right?

    1. No you don’t have to eat like i do. You will have to customize the options to your needs, my job required me to walk for 7 hours,  i do burn a lot calories that way. I kick start my breakfast heavy, because my last full meal is 7:00 pm the night before and i have my cottage cheese to hold me through the night. As i mention in my articles you do need the fuel. My go to meats are mostly chicken and fish, but every now and then i like my steak !. To lose fat you need fat , go for the leanest cuts , because those are the healthy ones that will help you with weight loss. Basically start with your breakfast and do like 4 egg whites maybe a piece of fruit , and see if you are very in 2 hours that means you need to add a slow digestive carbohydrate like , potatoes or oatmeal. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations for your meals. It will take some time but you will find what works for you. Thanks for visiting my website have anymore questions feel free to reach me ! 

  2. Hello,
    What’s your opinion on the diets with low to no carbs and high protein? Have you tried any other diets?
    What kind of healthy snacks do you recommend? I like to eat several small meals a day and snack in between meals. I’m looking for good healthy snacks.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Caryn ,

      I try once the low carb diet and honestly i was hungry more often during the day. My theory behind not working for me is that i need it the minimal amount of carbs to keep my metabolism going. Since my job requires me to walk 7 hours a day and i also enjoy playing soccer and going to the gym , my body does better with carbs on my meal plan. Since i have no idea what your schedule is work wise, you can try the low carb diet for a month and see how your body responds to it. As for healthy snacks that i eat in between meals i can recommend any kind of fresh fruit , cashews or any kind of nuts. I also do protein bars or protein shakes but i add the fresh fruits with water to the mix.  I do love the pretzel crisps and i have a handful during the day, but  specially with my salad at supper. One thing you can do between meals if you really want to skip any fruits you might not like is cold water , have a bottle and that will make you feel satisfied until your next meal. 

      Thanks for visiting my site hope this will help, if you have any more questions feel free to ask more questions.

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