Healthy Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan – Keep It Simple

On this article i want to keep things simple for you and have a plan of action. On my first article i ask you to have structure, i will give you the plan i follow 7 days a week. With this healthy weight loss diet meal plan you can have a good baseline to start a healthy lifestyle, my suggestion to you is to go visit your  doctor before you decide to start a diet plan.  I’m very passionate about my healthy lifestyle, and i want to share my own experiences in hopes that you find value on my articles, and help those who read them . This simple plan put into action will benefit your journey to achieve your goal.

Diet = Boring

Let’s start with something simple, yet not many people think about this.  Food is fuel for your body, you want to reach your energy peak when you are active ? eat the right foods and you will have no issues to reach your main goal if you follow a healthy weight loss diet meal plan.

I think the word diet is something put out there in the market to create structure on meal plans, but you don’t need to call it a diet. The simple thing is to be smart about the way you pick your meals.

I Can’t eat that !!!!

Let me start by saying that this is NOT the way a healthy weight loss diet meal plan should be put together . The basic idea behind losing weight is “fewer calories you eat” = “calories burn transform to pounds you lose of body weight”, the best way to approach it is by setting up your portions in a very smart way. Adding some kind of exercise to help burn those calories a bit faster.

You can eat this

In my last 16 years i have come across many diet plans with plenty of commercials on TV.

Atkins diet = low carbohydrates intake and sugars.

Vegan diet = don’t eat anything that comes from animals = meat, eggs , dairy.

Vegetarian = have a few different approaches, dairy and eggs are part of it with veggies and fruits

Nutrasystem= equally portions meals deliver to you .

They are fine if you stick to it, this blog is to encourage you to achieve your goal in all the different ways that you can utilize . My personal choice is to eat what i want, when i want but in a smart way,6 meals a day in portions that will keep me satisfied between every meal.

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Hydrating All day is Key!

If Food=fuel for body then liquid =fluids for your muscles so keep this in mind, we all have busy lives, and drinking all day means that eventually you have to hit the bathroom. And not many people have the luxury “to go” anytime they want .

But make an effort to keep drinking throughout the day, once you get the schedule of your meals down to a science, drinking liquids will become a second nature to you. What should i drink ? water is boring and has no taste, it became a bit of a chore for myself at the beginning. As i did my trial and error meal plan, drinking water became s a staple of my meal plan.

Sports drinks are a very good source of liquid, coffee or a juice, even soda or diet soda can be useful during the day. But remember the key word is “smart” be aware of how many of these choices you drink during the day. Nothing is better than mix and match find your comfort zone with the choices.water

The choice is yours alone.

The big picture for a successful healthy weight loss diet meal plan is the choices that you make. This one is a breakfast sample so you get the idea .

Usually you eat and omelet any kind + hash browns + 4 pieces of toast .

How about you make one day a white omelet + 2 pieces of toast + a cup of oatmeal .

Don’t like oatmeal or egg whites, OK let’s try and omelet + a cup of fresh fruit + 2 pieces toast or no toast at all.

You see the choice is yours as long as you make the smart one with every meal, the main component to this is the word is “satisfied” between every meal. If you are comfortable after you eat one meal when the next one comes around you will be just at the point where you know “i need my next meal”. Keeping control of your portions is exclusive to YOU, everyone is different and to keep a guy like me at the 150lb mark been just 5’3 will not be the same for someone 6’4 200lb .

If you go out with family and friends don’t feel that you need to order like you always have if you commit to make smart choices with your meals, you can still have those ribs but have half a stack instead of the full . And skip that baked potato instead have soup or a salad as an appetizer .


Skipping meals ?

In the internet and many platforms that we search on, we will find articles about studies that will agree with skipping a meal or 2 day is good for you. Or that you should not be eating after 8 pm, i really ignore all those studies because what they do is confuse everyone even more .

People believe if a study comes out of some college must be the truth and should be followed, when in reality and is my personal opinion it only benefits the next company that wants to sell you some miracle pill or an easy and quick way to lose weight. You know what they say “easy comes “, “easy goes” .

1. Make a plan for your meals on a daily basis.

2. Smart choices when you go out to eat will go a long way.

3. Don’t stop eating the foods you like .

4. Eat until you feel satisfied .

5. Drink enough liquids during the day.

I hope that the information above can give you some idea how to create an structure plan to find success and reach your goals, if you would like to receive more articles or special discounts join our mailing list, we will be happy to help you make a difference in your life.




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