The Best Fitness Tips For Beginners – Follow This For Success

Everyone needs to know where to start, specially when you are going to begin your journey at the gym. This is the best tip for beginners, because you ask the question,  Are you going to work out at home ? Or is it better to get a membership and join the gym ? How about the personal trainer offer? . There is always many questions about those issues. Adding the fact that there is a lot of work out programs, and you have a lot to think about.

You have to keep this simple at the beginning if you follow this article as your foundation, on the next articles i will give you the guideline to follow for the first month. And as we move along you will have multiple work out routines to make this journey a much better experience day in and day out. We don’t want to make working out feel like “work” as I mention in a previous article.

Local Or Home Gym.The Home Gym

Once you decide that you will start a workout program, the next decision will be to either join the local gym or buy home equipment or programs that you see on television. It will depend a lot on your daily schedule and what chores you have to do when you get home.

Both have their pros and cons, but the main issue with a home gym is the fact that you will have a lot more distractions. If you have to cook, clean or take care of your kids, then been home and try to get your work outs in on a daily basis will be more difficult.

At the same time the benefit is that you have the gym at your disposal any time that you want. You can make it fit on your busy schedule, and you don’t have to worry about the crowds at the peak times if you join a gym. You can ask your family to be supportive and help with the chores so you can get your workout time.

Join the local gym will force you to get out of your house and stay more focus on your workouts, but the one problem is that many of your friends might go to the same place and want to come talk to you and distract you from your workout.

I see it many times  gym’s have become social gatherings, but if you know why you decide to join in the first place this shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can be polite and ask them to talk to you after you are done.

Personal trainer is a good idea?

The benefit of using a personal trainer is that they can give you a structured workout plan with reps and sets, and what kind of exercises to use on a specific day. Some people need that motivation of someone that has plenty of experience to guide them on a day to day basis.

You an also ask as many questions about how you can keep the workouts fun. All this will depend on your specific goal, weight loss, strength, or been more athletic for an specific sport. There is plenty of benefits with a trainer specially if you are getting started.

Not everyone can afford a trainer but doing more research on an specific workout system follow by the best fitness tips for beginners can guide you in the right direcction.

Workout – Repetition – Set.

Workout is a session of intense physical activity where you breakdown your muscle tissue. Your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. … Muscle growth occurs whenever the rate of muscle protein synthesis is higher than the rate of muscle protein breakdown.

A repetition is 1 complete motion of a specific exercise. When you complete 5 or more consecutive repetitions you call that a set of an exercise. Basically lets take the bench press, you pick the bar and lift it up and down 5 times’ and then put it away and rest, you have completed 1 set of 5 reps.

How many sets and reps you should I use? For a beginner I will recommend to start with 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. As we move along with the articles you will learn about using pyramids, superset, even doing 2 sets  but use high reps. All this type of workouts teach you different variations and techniques.


Cardio before or after .

In a workout plan, cardio is key to help you on your weight loss goal. Many people mention that doing it before is better than after or viceversa. To have a good weight lifting session I find it better to do cardio at the end than before.

I do understand when you read other articles and they talk about pre-fatige of your muscles, then force them into weight lifting to burn more calories. The benefit of doing cardio after weight lifting is that helps with burning more fat on the specific body part you work on that day.

I will recommend not to go all out and try to run for 15 minutes, specially if you are just starting out. Start slowly and built your stamina by this I mean the first week aim for 3 to 5 min at a normal pace on treadmill. There is plenty of ways to do cardio  like the stationary bike, treadmill and the elliptical, they even have steps. Mix and match and once you have built your stamina HIIT or high intensity interval training can be a great part of your arsenal at the end of weight lifting.












How long should I workout?

This is one misconception I see a lot of people struggle with. You don’t need to spend 2 1/1 hours every day at they gym to reach your goal. If you concentrate on quality over quantity you will have a better workout keep it around 1 hour.

If you spend more than an hour at the gym and don’t let your muscles recover from the intense exercise session chances are you will get hurt and that will set you back on your goal. Specially if you are using bad form on every exercise. 

First learn to execute every single exercise the right way, and trigger the right muscle so you can see the gains as you move along this journey. Don’t try to lift more weight that you can handle this is key “LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR”.

You know why you started this journey and I can’t stress this enough. Don’t worry about what others are doing or how much time they spend at the gym or how much they can lift, chances are they have different goals than you do.

I actually hope you find some good value on this article, and if you want to keep getting more content join our mailing list also check my article on 3 ways you can melt  fat away naturally










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