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When you have everything set to start the journey to live a fitness lifestyle, you want to make sure you have everything set. Meal plans and workouts are on point, the next thing is what to bring to the gym.  You want to block the outside noise and concentrate and focus only on your own workout. You found the best wireless headphones for working out.

Music is what motivate us to keep going. And specific song that you love will help you get that extra minutes doing cardio or get that extra rep on your last set.

Gyms plays their own music and maybe you are like me, we like our own music and we want to find the best headphones in the market. We need the best wireless headphones for working out. But there are so many which ones are the best.

In this product review I will talk about my favorites one’s by far and long awaited THE DASH. Hope you find this article helpful joing our mailing list and check more articles about  fitness for beginners.


Is a technology company that is base in Munich, Germany. The founder Nikolaj Hviid is from Denmark and after doing various studies at how to bring these headphones to life, they started a crowdfunding campaign and they reach their goal of $260.00 and later in 2015 investors from American, Europe and Asia funded the rest of the project and they brought the best wireless headphones for working out.

The Dash

In 2015 the dash came to the market and it became the best wireless headphones for working out. 

  1. Comes with 4 gigabytes of internal memory. You can have up to 4 personal playlist.
  2. Full 5 hours of continuous playback.
  3. Truly wireless.
  4.  Easy Bluetooth connection with any device. Laptops, Tablets, Cell phones.
  5. Comes with fit sleeves  S/M/L to find the one that will work for your specific size.
  6. They are full water proof you can swim with them.
  7. Has an ear touch interface with a simple swipe lower the volume or move to the next song.
  8. Comes with an interface voice that will announce the time or if you are connected to your device and give you feedback on your workout.
  9. It comes with an USB cable.
  10. Audio transparency listen to your surroundings.





What i love about this specific headphones is the fact that they fit perfectly in your ears, they do cancel the noise around you. You can actually swim with them and i have in my vacations. I don’t have to carry any other item to listen to my music other than to have them on my ear. I had  the beats headphones  but the main issue is that i had to carry the Ipod touch. 

It comes with an app you download from the app store or the play store. You can actually personalize them with your name and turn on and off all features. You can also calibrate your headphones on the app to make sure you get the best sound possible, and also has a guide in case you lost the one that comes on the package

 With a swipe to the left side you can add or lower the volume. Tap on the right side twice will put the music forward and tap 3 times will go back.  Also with a nod side to side you can skip to the next song.

When they came out first the Bluetooth connectivity was pretty bad, and to answer calls will now connect, the volume was really low and it will not cancel the outside noise.

As the years have gone there has been a few updates, and the original issues have been corrected. You will get the same type of functions as the brand New Dash Pro which let you connect with alexa.

Now the new controls you can tap to the side of the ear, shake your head to answer phone calls and even skip to the next song.

The Dash Pro

Is the newer version and it comes with all the updates already built in. And since the company is moving forward with keep updating and making these headphones the best wireless headphones for working out, but also for everyday life. You can keep track of your cardio workouts. It is very easy to access with a couple taps.

If you are looking to do more than just listen to music at the gym, this version is very versatile with all the new additions like using alexa and the new menu to use it by just nodding. This version will keep track of every single workout you do, from walking to running. The stereo on this specific model is far better than the Dash. Only if you are looking to upgrade I will get this new version.

Setting up your playlist is simply easy as dropping the files into the dash on your computer and you can create over 4 playlist, you can have your workout or you’re running or your regular music after workout list. It comes with a 4 D menu and instead of taping to access your menu, moving your head right or left up and down to make it even more easy to access your favorite playlist or connect with alexa.

On the app you can use the I translate if you need to communicate in over 40 languages and  is one amazing featured of the Pro. 


The Dash


The Dash Headphones

If you are not ready to just stay away because all your music is on it, The Earphones can be another choice. They are a lot cheaper and better for your pocket. The advantage is they are truly wireless. For me I don’t want to carry anything but my bottle of water. But they have options for everyone.Fit Your Ear

If you buy them from their website the price is about $100 more than if you buy them on amazon. They also have the ultimate dash that can be tailor to you ear. They will send you a kit so you can send them back the way you ear is form.

Not only they will make them to fit your ear but also engrave them to personalize it.


To get them from the best price and fast delivery buy them from .

After years of waiting for the best wireless headphones for working out, this by far blows the competition away.

Using the bulky ones or using the new IPhone headphones are uncomfortable, you get the ones that you get tangle because they are wired. Now there are other companies giving a try to this set up. Bragi is really the pioneer in the real wireless headphones.

I will never go back to any other set, if I can shake my head and change music or answer a phone call been connected via Bluetooth is the very best in the market .

Their website is where you can find the videos that will teach you how to use the controllers but their app also has a guide how to use it .

This are very simple to use that I have most of the features blocked, except for the one giving me the time of the day and shake my head to forward the music to the next song. And is easy to set up to work with your laptop or tablet .

If you really want to experience true wireless headphones get the dash. The best wireless work out headphones for working out. 






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