The Fat Decimator Review – Don’t Buy It

This article will be about the fat decimator review, for a real beginner to start on a “diet’ and exercise program is confusing when you don’t have someone giving you a step by step guide. The biggest problem as a true beginner is trying to figure what foods you need to eat and how much. This system might be for you.

I will suggest that before you jump into an intense workout and diet plan check with you doctor to make sure that the system is good for you. Also if you can’t follow step by step instruccions just stop right now and go look for something else. Remember this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

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What is the Fat Decimator System

Fat Decimator is a simple step-by-step process that doesn’t require starvation diets, grueling workouts, crazy pills or supplements or expensive exercise gadgets that don’t work.  It’s an all-natural, scientifically proven program that delivers amazing results to those who follow it. Also called the 3 week diet or 21 days, because is the amount of time you will be in the program.

The system is broken down in 4 phases, and  this system will be Great for people that LOVE HARD WORK , start with an intense diet and grueling workouts and will  test your will. You will find all the information on the books that you need to succeed as it explain how to remove certain foods that are not helping you with weight loss , the name of the creator of this program is   Kyle Cooper

Who Is Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper has spent the majority of his adult life serving his country in the Marine Corps. With his dedication, determination and grit, he rose quickly through the enlisted ranks to become a Gunnery Sergeant. Not just any Gunny, either. Kyle was in charge of a Force Recon unit – a special section of the marines that operate as Special Forces.

One of Kyle’s biggest responsibilities was to keep his men trained and in top physical condition. For more than a decade, he worked with marines on both combat effectiveness and physical readiness. It’s no exaggeration to say that when it comes to fitness, Kyle was already an expert.

“Keeping my guys ready for action wasn’t just a job for me,” Kyle says. “It was a personal mission. You’ve got to be at peak performance in order to survive some of the high-risk missions we run. I’ve always felt it was my personal mission to make sure my guys had every chance to both succeed and to survive.”


How the sytem work

Everything starts on week 1, which pretty much will be a cleanse phase and will limit the foods that you can eat, since the idea behind is to kick start you metabolism and start losing the un-wanted fat, you will get a few groups of foods , fruits and 17 type of vegetables you can eat. Your protein will come from the same foods i have mention to you in other articles like chicken, eggs, beef.

The main thing for this first week is you will be limited as to how much you can eat, is a detox week and WATER will be a key part of it, if you drink soda or juices you won’t be happy to know that they are completely out.

Phase 2 is a fasting day, where you complete a  24 hour fasting, as i mention before on other articles you can still fast if you eat your last meal of the day at 7 pm and your first meal the next day is at 7 or 8 pm. You will have exactly 12/13 hours fast time, so doing the 24 hour won’t be that bad for you.

Phase 3, this phase last 3 days which at this point you will be on days 8-9-10 and you can expect a drastic change on the diet plan. You will be adding certain foods that on the first 2 weeks you could’t.

Phase 4 will be the ed of your 21 days, at this point you will be more on a maintenance bringing some foods back into the meal plan, and making it feel more of a normal way of eating. You will still be ask to keep an eye on your calorie intake.

They use a formula  to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which will help you know how much calories you lose while you rest. With this number you will know how many calories you need during the day to stay on track an not gain  back the weight that you have lose so far.

Why would you go to all this trouble just to go back to your old ways.

The workouts

The good thing about this program is that it will give an option for a workout that you can do at the gym if you have a membership or you can do the one at home. By the way if you want to add another home workout once you are done with this program check this article

Some of the basic moves are planks, stretches and light weight on certain moves, now if you only diet and not exercise you will not see get your metabolism kick start and burn more fat.





The cons of this system :

  1. When you go to the page to buy the program you will go through like 5-7 pages of upsells, some might be a good extra buy like the audio version. Remember this is still a bussines to them.
  2. The books are long so you will need time to read ALL the information before you start, like i said if you can’t follow direcctions this system is not for you.
  3. This system is only avaliable on as a dowload. Make sure you can print some of the information or take notes on the importan stuff.
  4. The workouts are intense and the first week will test you for sure, one part of the program says “JUST GET THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK”
  5. Once you buy the product they have an online personal coaching option, just make sure you opt out before checkout.

The Pros

  1. They do have a personal online coaching option (see above)
  2. Will guide step by step specially on the diet area, is where a lot of people struggle
  3. Even after you are done with it you still have the information at your fingetips to go read again. Once you understand how your body works and what you need to do to keep the weight off, you will be set for life.
  4. This is great for real Beginners.
  5. The best part is that it has a money back guaranted if you don’t see the results, but remember if you don’t follow the system step by step you will not get the results.

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I believe that the fat decimator system is a great way for the true beginners to get started, why is better than other systems out there? because is 21 days of hard work to start losing weight and as per their research of their studies mention, that it takes 21 days to create new habits. 

For those that want to try something else that can challenge them this sytem can be a great chance of pace.

If you want to try this system and get a discount code CLICK HERE for  $20 off the full price


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