Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions – Find Success This Year

We are again into the holiday season, and once we approach this time of year the weight loss new year’s resolution pops in everyone minds. Is all good and sounds like a great idea but what will happen in 3 months? Why is it that people give up so soon? Read along so you are one of the success stories instead of one more person of the millions that made the weight loss new years’ resolution and never stick to it.

Why wait until the next year?

How would you walk away from eating all those great meals that the family cooks for the holidays? You don’t have to avoid eating at all. You made the decision that you want to start a healthy lifestyle the number 1 thing you need to do is control your portions. Of course some of those meals are not healthy, what you can do is have a medium scoop of mashed potatoes, a slice of ham or turkey and add a salad to it.holiday meals

There is a big plate of cookies and they are your favorite go have one. When you look at what you ate up to this moment is not as bad as you usually do were you go back for seconds. This is a great start and if you succeed with this, the rest of the year will be even better.

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Join a gym.

This is what most people struggle with, the intimidation factor comes to mind for the ones that have never set foot in a gym and even more for those that stop going and want to re-join. The biggest disappointment for most people usually is the fact that you have to start slow and learn the proper exercises.

The expectation after a couple of weeks that you don’t notice anyd difference is when most people decide to just quit. What you can do is to buy some resistance bands and check videos or read magazines with ideas of workouts that can be done at home. Check my website for ideas on workouts that can get you started.

Work out at your own pace and not feeling that people are judging you and checking how you work out. Please if you join a gym get this idea out of your mind.

The meal plan

This is the key to your success around the holidays and the rest of the year. Every article I stress the fact that 80% of weight loss success start with making smart choices for your meals and portion control. Read this article to get you started and have a baseline.

Just realize that this is a lifestyle change don’t think you will “diet” and reach your goal just to go back to the old ways in 4-5 months. Discipline is the main word to achieve success.

One thing I will not recommend is to dish lots of money on the “DIET” plans you see on TV, the main reason is because once you stop buying their products you won’t know what to do or how you got those meals prepared to help you on your weight loss plan. Instead, look for recipes  to have all different meal ideas, there is plenty of great ideas online to have all kind of different ways to eat foods that you like and that can be in line on helping you lose weight.

You have to drink a lot of water which most people don’t, this is a key to fill your muscles since we are made of 80% water, drinking as much as you can during the day every day will be beneficial in the end.

Day to day

Having the will power to go every day to the gym and eat the most clean meals looks like the biggest and most common problem I see from people I talk to when they start a weight loss new year’s resolution and stick with it for the long run. The way this works is taking it day by day and meal by meal.

All this sounds boring and most people can’t stick to it because everyone is looking for the quick fix or the fastest solution, fitness does not work that way. Your body has to adjust to the new eating habits and work out schedule. Once your body is use to the new schedule you will see the pounds come off.success

The bottom line

Another holiday season comes and goes, resolutions are made and never fulfill. Where do you find the motivation to stay with it? Will this finally be the year you reach your goals? Are you going to become an inspiration to someone else to go throught with their own resolutions?

The real goal should be to have real expectations on how much weight you want to lose in a short period, and once you win the small battle you will conquer the big one. The same goes for lifting weights, expecting to be able to bench press 325 pounds in the first 2 weeks is something that is not real. What you can do is start with small increments of 5 pounds every 3 to 4 weeks.

The most important thing you need to do is start. Once you eat that clean meal and finish the first day of exercise think that you are closer to your goal than you were yesterday. Ask questions to people that you see succeed and become an inspiration.

What you need to do is have a plan because everyone decide to lose weight and just wing it, if you don’t set the goals this will be a dream that every year after 2 months will be a wish for next year. A dream without a plan is just a wish.

Make this the year that your resolution becomes a reality and when the next holiday season comes you will look at back at were you started and were you are right now. You will realize that setting small goals on your journey of losing weight was the best thing you have ever done.

NO MORE EXCUSES ! this is the attitude era.


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