Why am i not losing any weight? – The top mistakes

Every year resolutions are made to lose weight, after a couple of months the question comes, why am I not losing any weight? In this article we will talk about the most common mistakes I notice people make. Please take note: before you decide to lose weight check with you doctor. As you read this article i hope you find helpfull information and join our mailing list to stay up to date with articles and any discounts on purchase for supplements.


In a perfect world you take a pill go to the gym every day and you eat what you want and boom you lost 100 Lbs in a month. The reality is that it take time to lose at least 10 pounds and all depends on of your body metabolism. Creating realistic goals is the best way to reach the main one.

I like to preach every time that you want to start with 5 to 8 pounds a month and once you have fined tuned your meals and workouts plans those pounds will come off more easily. If you do this doing this for the long run will be a lot easy without getting discourage and quitting halfway through.


The first thing everyone does is pick a diet program. Eating salads or skipping meals are the most common mistakes people make when they get into these programs, but once you get to a point of losing X amount of weight, what would you do next? These plans are expensive and you can only keep with them for a small amount of time depending on you wallet.

Since what they want is for you to keep buying their products there is no actual guide. Once you are done eventually the old eating habits come back and you put those LBS back and either you go back and spend all that money again and start from scratch or totally give up.

The only way to fix this is to change you eating habits from the beginning. What I preach is portion control and if you apply this from the start you are more likely to succeed and keep of the weight and even improving over time to a better choices on you meals.

Weight Lifting VS Cardio

Time and time again the question is asked, should I do Cardio first and weights after or the other way around? There is no right answer for this, the reason is that doing a different workout routine every time will keep you muscles guessing and you will see a better progress.

What you need to understand is you need both, I see a lot of people doing crazy amount of cardio without weight lifting, expecting this to make the extra pounds get off quicker this is a big mistake you don’t need to spend 3 hours doing cardio only. Cardio is a complement to weight lifting and vice versa. Once you start losing fat from you body, weight lifting helps tighten the muscles and the flap skin.

Start with a simple plan learning every move and how to target every muscle group, the most common one is one body part once a week with 4 set and 12-15 repetitions for weight loss. Check my exercise program for beginners to get you started.


Skipping Meals

Studies have proved that fasting is a great way to kick start your metabolism for weight loss. But the mistake people make is to miss key meals during the day. And this can be one of the reason you are not losing weight, the main reason is because your next meal after fasting will be a big plate since you are starving. My philosophy is simple, your last full meal should be around 7 pm and your next one around 8-9 am the next day.

If you have this common schedule on a daily basis you are basically fasting during the night when you are sleeping and your body goes into a catabolic state where you body is breaking down fats reserves you have making them into amino acids you need to keep you brain and other organs working properly.

This does not mean you can’t have a snack or a protein shake if you prefer after dinner.


The BIGGEST mistake everyone makes is not getting enough sleep. I understand that everyone has different work schedules and we all have lives and responsibilities. Once you decide to change your lifestyle sleep is key for energy and science has proved that during the night the body goes into prime muscle build.

You need at least a good 6-7 hour of good night sleep. Make this one a very important part of your schedule rest is very important. You need to be fully charge like your cell phone to function the next day to your max.


When I see people when the full gallons of water at the gym it makes me roll my eyes. This is another mistake of not been hydrated, and is the main reason you will suffer from cramps and muscle pains after a very intense workout.

Our muscles are made of 80% water and to replenish them you need not only a good source of good protein but plenty of water, which also works to flush all the stuff that you consume that you don’t need. This will make you go to the bathroom more times than what you want during the day but is healthy.

Try to consume 6 or 7 16.9 onz of water every day, starting early and for lunch or dinner instead of having that diet soda or sweet drink change it for a bottle of cold water.

I realize that sometimes losing weight can get difficult because it takes time and we all have a different body chemistry, what this means is what works for your friend might not work for you. But discipline and having a very realistic goal will help you in the long run.

Keep a log about everything you eat and workouts so see your progress, you can also check and see what you can do different so you are not caught on the same old workout plan or the same meals over and over. Variety is KEY not only for your meals but also workouts.

Check my articles and remember this is the ATTITUDE era !!



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